Find Balance in your life.

Struggling to make sense of things or finding it difficult to cope?

Counselling can help you come to terms with things, and make real changes in your life.

I provide a warm, supportive safe space which is non-judgmental and confidential.

Whether your reasons for seeking counselling stem from past traumas or current struggles.

My sense is that when we feel overwhelmed, we often cannot see the solutions that are within our grasp and thus we remain stuck. I also firmly believe that many of lifes problems can be alleviated by sharing them with someone who is trained to listen

I am a big believer in going at a pace that is comfortable for you. 


Giant leaps all begin with gentle steps.


Meet Natalie

I am caring, non-judgmental and above all, like to believe that I can offer a safe space where  you will feel accepted and free to work at your own pace.


I know that coming to Counselling can seem daunting but I like to consider myself to be  a very approachable person.

Whether it’s  career,  relationships, health, or anything else important to us, counselling can help to  effectively deal with the challenges and emotional moments we encounter in life.

A talking therapy that enables you to explore in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment your feelings, emotions and  problems.  A space where you can gain insight into how your past experiences have influenced your present life.

By acquiring more understanding and awareness, you can hopefully start to make changes and improve your life.

Counselling is  team work, a journey that we take together.


"For me, being a therapist is
a calling. I am passionate about what I do."